Sort the characters in the Avengers: Infinity War, from the cleverest, most fortunate to the most useless …

There are a lot of characters that have appeared in the Marvel blockbuster, some are “team leaders”, but some are “off the net”, bringing bad results for the super hero team!

Spoiler alert: The article reveals some details in the Avengers: Infinity War, readers should consider before watching.

Avengers: Infinity War has changed the way viewers view the world to the Marvel movie universe. In this film, all the characters who have appeared in previous films have had eyes and contributed a part to their work.

However, group work is always the same, there are many contributors, and there are few contributors, even … do not contribute anything but just sabotage!

In order for us to have a more multidimensional view of the superhero, here is our synthesis of all the characters in the Avengers: Infinity War, sorted by the most intelligent,the most fortunate until… the most useless!

1. “MVP” team leader: Doctor Strange:

Some of the audience will say that it is Dr.. Strange power ruined everything when giving Thanos the Time Stone. But every action has its reasons.

In the Infinity War, the ultimate mages of the Earth have seen 14 million potential in the future in clashes with Thanos, and Strange knows that the only way to defeat the crazy Titan is to give the Time Stone to save Tony Stark.

In addition, the power of Dr. Strange is undeniable, he deserves the title of MVP, taking over the Avengers in this section!

2. The lukiest – Tony Stark – Iron Man

The genius, billionaire, playmaker and philanthropist Tony Stark time and again have avoided death, so fortunate. Trapped on the space ship Titan, punched by Thanos and stabbed but still “okay”.

And of course, he was save by Strange during his fight against Thanos!

3. Most tragic and brave: Thor

This Asgard loses all within the first 10 minutes of the film. Losing people, losing friends, losing brothers, losing the whole family, even losing his moving ship.

However, Thor has risen from misery and continues to save the universe from Thanos, who travels with Rocket and Groot to forge the Stormbreaker axe, and then landed on Wakanda in a cooler form.

thor avengers infinity wars

4. Played most of the time: Teen Groot

Baby Groot has now grown into “teenage groot”, this boy just playing video games without doing much. However, Groot also contributes a lot to his hands as material to create new weapons for Thor.

teengroot avengers infinity wars

5. Should be more commendable: Falcon

This “bird” guy has no special superpower, only the wings with high technology on the back, so many people said that he was “weak”. In fact, Falcon still fight a battle with monsters in Wakanda. Our audience really needs to ignore the Falcon prejudice and praise him more!

6. The most stylish – Black Widow

Named the most beautiful heroine in Marvel, so Black Widow also changed hairstyles constantly through the film. In this section, she chose blonde!

blackwidow avengers infinity wars

7. Best friend and also … the fastest disappear: Wong

Wong vowed to protect the stone at the time, however, after battling with his two children at the beginning of the film, he retreated to his sanctuary.

Maybe Wong is really a good friend of Dr.. Strange, when trying to help protect the cathedral when the powerful magician was gone, but since then we have not seen Wong yet!

wong avengers infinity wars

8. The most intelligent: Shuri

Black Panther’s daughter is too tech-savvy that even Bruce Banner, a science expert to adore. She figured out how to remove the stone on Vision’s forehead and save him.

shuri avengers infinity wars

9. Only know how to sabotage and let emotions govern the work: Star-Lord

There is a book called “Emotion is the number one enemy of success,” and Star-Lord is the most concrete demonstration for that. Unable to control his feelings when his girlfriend was killed by Thanos, the guy was “angry outraged”, ruining the whole plan of the group, contributing to the Titan awakening and wipe out half the universe.

Due to his outrage, his Marvel fans even made fun of Chris Pratt’s Instagram

starlord avengers infinity wars

10. Closer to the comic: Peter Parker – Spider-Man

Parker boarded the spaceship with Iron Man and Dr. Strange, the conversation between the guy and the ultimate sorcerer best describes Spider-Man’s character compared to the comic. Many people say that Tom Holland’s character is the best Spider-Man they’ve ever seen.

spiderman avengers infinity wars

11.  The happiest: Bucky Barnes

While Captain America, Falcon, Black Widow and some other heroes have fled and tried to fight, the winter warriors chose to … stay in the beautiful kingdom of Wakanda, was given a modern arm, before being hit by Thanos.

buckybarnes avengers infinity war

12. Join the battle too late: Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch protects his Vision lover, while Thanos’ legion attacks Wakanda, causing the party of heroes below to fight. However, it was not until the last minute that she finally came out and used her power to wipe out all the monsters with ease!

scarlettwitchavengers infinity war

13. The Greatest: Captain America

Captain America, with its thick beard and long hair, stretching out from behind, comes out from the shadows was one of the coolest images ever!

captain avengers infinity war

14. Invisible throughout the film: Hawkeye and Ant-man

The hero does not appear in the Infinity War, although War Machine mentions it and says they are fine, hope that is!

ant man hawk eye avengers infinity war

15. Brief news coverage: Bruce Banner

At the beginning of the film, the Hulk was touted by Thanos for a game, and Brune Banner could not be reincarnated. You only have one thing to say, that is to report to Dr.. Strange and Stark that Thanos is coming, after Heimdall is transferred back to Earth.

This information helped the Avengers prepare for the coming war. In addition, Bruce can also drive the Hulkbuster, but seems to be extremely awkward.

bruce banner avengers infinity war

16. Perfect couple: Thor and Rocket Raccoon

Both have lost too much. Thor and Rocket help each other to wake up the star and forge the Stormbreaker ax. The scene of the Rocket gives Thor the eye that he chiu to show that the new friendship of two people make everyone touched.

thor racoon avengers infinity war

17. Most useless: Vision

Throughout the film, Vision is powerful when confronted by Ultron, who loses his sight, instead is a weak vision, only to escape and to be protected. But do not blame him, when the hunter Vision is one of the strongest guy in the universe!

vision avengers infinity war

18. The only one who can lull Thanos: Mantis

Mantis used his power to lull Thanos, and apparently only herself had this ability. However, everything has been ruined by the emotionally charged Star-Lord

mantis avengers infinity warmantis avengers infinity war

19. Should be transferred to the library manager: Ebony Maw

The tall, slim, and upbeat outsider who was remembered by the audience with his finger touched his lips, signaled to somebody to be silent.

Maw is quite fond of tranquility, so maybe he should go to work as a library watcher rather than being a bad guy for Iron Man and Spider-Man to beat on board.

maw avengers infinity warmaw avengers infinity war

20. Worst scary: Thanos

Having appeared during the last 10 years in the after credits credits, Thanos’s presence in the Infinity War has brought destruction to the Universe.

He is too strong, he has an ideal and sacrifices his love for that ideal. This is truly a perfect evil that Marvel has ever created!

Thanos avengers infinity war


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