Trivia about Saigon people

This is a collection of trivia about the Saigon people, the way of Saigon. Read to learn more about Saigon people.
To see life is still pretty good.

saigon trivia

saigon trivia

Story 1, 

It is a fairly wide alley in the middle but the two ends are tiny, just enough for a motorbike, connecting two main roads in District 3. In the alley, houses are crowded, 3 to 4 storeys high old houses, wooden tole floors are also sinuous. Many of the houses are used for small businesses, for food or groceries, many for shampooing or for putting up company nameplate without staff. Most of the people in the alley know each other, and some newcomers move in or rent a house in the alley, but they quickly get used to the people in the alley.

My innkeeper is called the oldest resident of the alley, over 60 years.She was the first householder on this land. She said that when she was in Saigon at the age of 16, her whole family was on a boat. At this alley, from the beginning to the end, is a wide and deep canals, swim about a few dozen new strips to the shore, though with many other canals, the water in the canal is clear, sandy bottom. By this side, the place where I live, is a busy boat station all day and night. Her father had built the first hut on the dock, right in the house right now, at that night the wind from the canals blowing so much that almost blowing off everything.

There are many rivers and streams, many lagoons, many of the coconut forests have disappeared, giving way to streets and alleys full of houses, full of people, in Saigon.
Story 2,

In a luxury showroom of a famous car company that the price of a car outside the ability to count of many, on a hot sunny afternoon outside but cool inside the glass wall. The salesman wore a vest with a lustrous leather tie and a nice boot, was watching television.

There was an old man walking outside the open-door of the showroom. He does not seem quite well-off, though, as well as his old short-sleeved shirt and khaki trousers. He stepped in, rolled his eyes to look at one and clasped his hands behind his back to go see cars and began to look. The salesman came up to follow him, he walked gently and politely. He calls him gramps. . Each time the old man stopped at a detail the salesman proposed to show more clearly, he opened the front door, the back door, open capo to view. When the old man asked questions, he explained gently. The old man nodded, but did not seem to understand.

Bored tired, he told the old man to sit in the the sofa near a clean glass table and invite the use of coffee, coffee mixes only. The old man said to him: through the car dealership is so luxurious, there is air conditioning through the car, but these cars are also expensive and even my family couldn’t have  collected enough money to buy one. The staff is very polite: I know,  since you come here all I want is to introduced cars. Not anyone who buy car when they visit the shop anyway. He smiles friendly.

Story 3,

At the corner of the intersection of the second largest road of Saigon, where traffic jams are frequent, especially during peak hours. The traffic police assigned two officers to the intersection to resolve the congestion and punish the bad drivers, especially the wrong turn cars.

These officers are probably the hardest type in the industry because most of their time they have to stand in the sun in the rain to separate the flow and adjust the signal lights, the only two he is absent from the moment is the fall burying back a bunch of vehicles.

The two of them stood with a cool cabinet, always having a drink. Morning coffee, iced tea when sunshine, then there is iced lemon … When you drink up the water, the younger officer crossed the road and returned the cups to a nearby shop. The small shop near the pavement but always have guests sitting.

A moment later, the bar owner came back with a new drink, just as I stood nearby. The older officer turned around and said, “It seems to me that this lady has been giving us free drink for a month now, and even we says we will not be drinking any more.” The old woman laughed: You are hard  worker, the water is the little thing. I’ll be happy if you drink.

Story 4,

These days, Saigon is a hot place, when walking you often see some boxes of “free ice tea”, who wants to drink it, the motorbike taxi driver , pedicab driver is very happy, stop to drink and then go, no need to thank.

Once a motorbike taxi driver asked me to take a drink of ice tea, I knew there was free ice tea. That is the free iced tea bucket I saw first, it is near the 115th hospital, although it does not have a “free” signboard, just see a bucket of iced tea on the street, whoever goes through if they know and they are thirsty, they will drink. If the bucket is empty, someone will later fill it full.

I asked him motorbike taxi, is there many this free tea things?. He also said a lot, as you know where to visit, in a hot sunny and a glass of tea is very interesting. I’m not have to be so poor to drink free iced tea, I’m just enjoying it.

Story 5,

“Now taking the newspaper up is sad, not really want to see newspapers” – This sentence of a Saigon rich man. He may have retired, the children have may have achieved success and married and lived separately. This man usually sit at the old lady’s shop in the 3rd story every morning, sunny or rainy.

Every morning he buys newspapers, certainly have Tuoi Tre, Thanh Nien, Labor, Police, Law … sometimes buy magazines. He only buys newspapers from two people, a girl and a boy familiar, this day from the boy and after day the other child. The children who sell newspapers never compete fiercely, they are happy to serve a customer. The man bought a lot of newspapers, but when leaving always come home empty.

Later, when I have the opportunity to sit in the cafe shop that morning I know. If that day the man bought newspapers from the boy, after reading he would fold the newspaper as usual and gave it to the girl to go on sale and vice versa, if he bought the newspaper from the girl,  he would give it back to the boy to sell to others, the money he still paid enough.

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