These are the reasons why we should believe that we are living in the Multiverse

These are the reasons why we should believe that we are living in the Multicultural System

It seems that only this doctrine can explain the infinity of the universe.
In 1957, young scientist Everet Hugh gave birth to a maddening theory at the time: multiverse theory. This theory was almost nonexistent in the scientific community at the time. But just a few decades later, things have changed completely.

Not only has emerged as one of the most famous theories in the field of theoretical physics, but moreover, this theory has been the subject of countless scientific fiction works. All the events and choices that occur in your life are likely to turn in completely different directions in the universe parallel to the universe we are in.

So are we really living in the multiverse system? No one can be sure of this, but here are some of the reasons for this theory:

1. The theory of Schrodinger’s cat

Before Everett’s multi-universe theory came into being, physicists were suffering from the conflicts between two physical systems: quantum physics and the physical system. These contradictions can be simply explained by the experimental cat in Schrodinger’s box. Until you open the box, the cat in the box exists in parallel in both contradictory states: living and dying.
But with multiverse theory, this contradiction can completely be resolved. When you open the box, the reality will split into two parallel paths – in one version you will see the cat dead, and in the remaining version the cat will still be alive.

Schrodinger cat

2. That is the way that reality extends to infinity

If space is endless, this means that there must exist a multi-universe system with innumerable realities in parallel. The amount of matter that exists in the universe is finite. Just like the 52 cards in a deck, if you shuffle enough times, then the sequence of cards will repeat as before. The same thing happens with the infinite universe – when the number of parallel realities is infinite, then there will be times when matter must repeat itself.

A cosmic system parallel to an infinite number of similarly existent realities contains only slightly different contents – this would be a reasonable explanation for the repetition of the arrangement order of matter in the universe.

3. Answers to the formation and end of the universe

If Big Bang is the beginning of the universe, what is the trigger factor for it, and what precedes the Big Bang? Will there be a day when the universe will end its existence? And what will happen next? These are unanswered questions.

Multiverse theory can provide explanations for all of these questions. Science has suggested that the existence of parallel realities is a phenomenon dubbed the Braneworld model. This model exists in a lot of different dimensions, but we have not yet been able to detect them, because the human senses have limited us in only three dimensions of our space.

Many scientists believe that, in this model, the worlds are arranged like parallel slices of bread. These worlds exist independently and independently, but there will be times when there will be interference and conflict between these worlds. Interactions arising from these collisions will produce enough energy to repeat the Big Bang, thereby ending the existence of the old universe and opening up a new era.

4. The universe is so vast that we can eliminate the existence of parallel realities

We have not even discovered the mysteries of the earth, not to mention the universe on a much larger scale. The infinity of the universe is still unknown, so it is impossible to eliminate the existence of another universe, parallel to the universe we live in.

Scientists have estimated that the universe has a life expectancy of about 13.8 billion years – which means that we can only detect the light sources that reach us during this time. If there is another universe that exists at a distance greater than 13.8 billion light years, or simply exists in another dimension, there is no way for us to know about that existence.

5. Multi-universe theory with innumerable possibilities may be the only reason human beings exist

If the neutrons were only about 0.2% larger than they are today, they would become so destructive that they would break down into smaller particles, and atoms would not survive. If gravity is only slightly stronger, the material on Earth will be tighter toward the center, and the Earth’s core will quickly burn down all within a few million years. Humans will not have any chance of survival on the ground.

The absolute balance of all things on this earth, in the eyes of some, is the power of the supreme being. But cosmology can offer a more scientific solution. In all other parallel universes, where the balance of material elements is not maintained, life will not be able to flower like the universe we live in. This absolute equilibrium can be very small but, with the myriad possibilities, that is possible.

6. Traveling through time can not create disturbances in the time line

Traveling through time and the paradoxes it creates is still a headache that science can not adequately explain. With multiverse theory, now when you turn back time to some point in the past, the effects you create will no longer cause change in a single universe.
Instead, you have created an entirely new parallel universe where all possibilities will turn in a completely different direction from the moment you affect the past.

7. It fits in with our understanding of the universe

Far away from the moment humanity thinks that we are the center of the universe, and that all planets must rotate around the Earth. We now know that we are just an extremely small part of the Milky Way galaxy, existing among the numerous other galaxies in the universe.

Multiverse theory will make this more plausible. If there really exist other parallel universes that exist, that means we humans are nothing special, because there will be countless other versions of ourselves existing in the other universes.

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These are the reasons why we should believe that we are living in the Multiverse