No need to be rich, you can fully enjoy the “5 stars” service is completely free in nature

Not only save money, your health also improved when directed to the outdoor activities, close to nature.

“What money you have,” want good care service means you have to spend a lot of money. But in fact, you can have the same experience with those luxury services without losing a penny. Not only save money, your health also improved when directed to the outdoor activities, close to nature. Free services from nature are not lacking but limited only by your creativity. And through this article, let’s go through these free 5-star services.

1. Natural sauna

For thousands of years, people from all over the world have come to enjoy the Sierra Nevada hot springs to relieve their minds and bodies. Natural mineral springs in the stream and evaporation are indeed good remedies for health and mood.

The Icelanders here call them basins on the crater. They argue that the traditional hot spring bath is the reason for extending Icelandic life to 81.2 years.

Probably when it comes to hot baths, most readers will think of the expensive sauna in the heart of the city. But go and discover yourself a hot tub between majestic natural space is not interesting than? These places are not hard to come by if you really care and find out. In addition to Iceland, you can also visit the effervescent hot springs near the olive groves south of Tuscany, in the heart of British Columbia’s pine forest, on the shores of New Zealand.

natural hot bath

Natural hot bath

2. Outdoor gym

Where do you need to spend millions a month to go to a gym while you can do it outdoors? Outdoor gyms are even harder than weightlifting exercises to offer many advantages, such as improving mood and losing weight more effectively.

If you’re new to the workout, start by running off the coast or by jungle, swimming in lakes or even climbing trees. And if you want more challenge, take advantage of nature and create exercises that require the flexibility of the body.

It is the activity that our ancestors have made every day to survive and maintain their longevity with nature: crawling, climbing, jumping and running. You can sprint through the jungle, jump over any logs or boulders you encounter on the road, crawl through a sandy beach. If no one is around, pick up the heavy rocks and threw them away as far as possible; Or go balancing on a broken tree. After an enjoyable workout, reward yourself with something you can save on your way to the gym.

gym outside

gym outside

3. Natural specialties

Organic food is often more expensive than traditional food and harvested foods. If you go to a restaurant, make sure you pay a premium for vegetables, mushrooms, and herbs. Instead, you can go picnic outside the forest or even grow yourself and harvest the expensive food on the market.
Large amounts of these fresh foods can be easily harvested from nature. These are wild strawberries, salad vegetables, garlic, onions, nuts, seaweed … These are all plants living in nature. But do not be too greedy to harvest the natural food of birds and herbivores.

4. Natural massage by waterfall

Many spa centers offer waterfall massages for up to $ 100. Enjoy Mother Nature’s Waterfall Massage is not too hard to find as you think. Numerous parks and forests in the state of Turkey have easy access to waterfalls with low or even free entry fees.

For example, the “Five” variety of waterfalls lurks in Connecticut’s Enders State Forest. California’s Point Reyes is home to the Alamere Falls, where water flows right into the ocean. If you have the opportunity to come here, remember to capture and share this interesting experience.

waterfall massage

waterfall massage

5. Outdoor sunbathing

Why choose a leather box as a coffin, while you can get the same skin color just by going out? Find a place where you only know, to relax naked and sunbathe and get beautiful tan.
Beauty experts recommend that, to sunbathe safely, you should exfoliate, remove dirt and oils that can clog pores. Next, apply the first sunscreen before sunbathing for 15 to 30 minutes. Then apply a second coat within 30 minutes of sun exposure.

In addition, you should not sunbathe a single day and long. Take 30 minutes of sun exposure every day to keep your skin beautiful and durable. In the sun bathing time range, take a few days off for skin cells to regenerate and regenerate.


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