Just put the script, A.I will predict Hollywood blockbuster sales

By analyzing the script, the scene, the previous response of the viewer, artificial intelligence will accurately calculate the box office revenue of future films.

Robots always appear as part of Hollywood, but only as equipment, props. But coming soon, A.I (artificial intelligence) will become an important part of Hollywood’s biggest movie studios. It even plays a role in whether or not a blockbuster is shown.

Production companies and movie studios in the world’s film capital are turning to A.I. As Silver Logic Labs (SLL). This collaboration helps them understand the viewer more closely.

Just put the script, A.I will predict move revenue

Just put the script, A.I will predict move revenue

In the past, the only way to understand viewers was to give them surveys after watching the movie. However, movie studios recognize that viewers do not always respond honestly.

Now, through the use of machine learning to analyze video viewers in theaters, SLL can determine how they actually feel about a movie or a particular scene.

This information has proven to be more accurate and useful in predicting the film’s revenue than the traditional questionnaire. In addition, the questionnaire resulted in viewers’ satisfaction after the film was shown, and A.I predicted before the film crew shot.

Sometimes it’s easy to predict what a blockbuster movie is. Nobody needs an advanced algorithm to say that the next Star Wars movie will be very successful globally, because it’s always like that.

But not all predictions are true. Waterworld is an example. Despite the presence of star Kevin Costner, Waterworld failed to entice audiences to the theater. And that’s where A.I was created by the company ScriptBook.

According to the company’s website, studios “just put the movie script, we will predict that Passenger film will make $ 118.1 million at the box office in the US”. In fact, Box Office Mojo, watch the box office sales, reports that it has made 100 million dollars.

There are a lot of films produced based on reading scripts and revenue projections. However, decision makers are not always right, because they do not have much input.

A.I has higher probability of prediction. In essence, it is doing the same thing human beings do. It takes information and makes predictions. The difference is that A.I can remember and use the data more accurately.

In the near future, the filmmaker will bring the script to A.I, instead of being embarrassed to wait, “beg” the Hollywood star to see his script.


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