How to earn Linden Dollars efficiently in Second life virtual world.

Second Life is brimming with chances to acquire Linden Dollars, however it is likewise critical to have a fabulous time while earning. A few players tragically think that they need to accomplish something they hate to profit in Second Life. That is just isn’t the situation.

Here and there it can feel overwhelmingly difficult to acquire Linden in Second Life, yet with the correct data to hand and some sufficient assurance you can profit.

1. Stipend weekly for premium account:

Yes. You can get weekly L$300 stipend if your account is premium and also a

  • L$1000 sign-up bonus** for first-time Premium Account subscribers ( if you have 45 consicutive day premium membership’s activation).
  • and many benefits that greatly support you.

2. Buy Linden on the LindeX exchange:

This is the fastest way to get Linden. You have to pay like the first method. If you like the game why not invest in it?


On the off chance that you have held up five entire minutes and your L$ adjust still say “Loading”, you can attempt the accompanying traps to endeavor to drive your adjust to show up:

Transport to another Region.

Log out of Second Life, and after that log back in, ideally in an alternate Region. Giving the viewer another opportunity to load your data frequently settle the issue.

Request that a companion pay you L$1. In case you’re extremely pleasant, give it back a short time later!

Attempt bulk transferring a solitary picture, sound, or animation. Ensure just to attempt to transfer one thing! Each endeavor costs you L$10.

Clearly we don’t anticipate that you will spend huge entireties of Linden dollars to discover what number of you have; if your concern continues, you should document an assistance ticket through our Support Portal.

3.  Earn Linden while playing game for free:

SECONDADS Goldtokens Gaming Network

The accompanying recreations are controlled by ADS, the pioneer in acquiring linden diversions. The Gaming Network was a group made by SecondAds organization with the objective of helping new players win their first linden dollars. It’s not only for new players however. A large number of experienced players appreciate vieing for leaderboard positions and winning substantial entireties of linden all the while.

Gold Hunt

The Gold Hunt enables players to procure linden and win arbitrary endowments by chasing for coins and jewels that are covered up via landowners. There are truly 1,000s of terrains with coins accessible ideal over the lattice, which can be found by utilizing the player HUD.

Fish Hunt

The Fish Hunt enables players to acquire Linden and win Random Gifts by angling. There are truly 1,000s of terrains with angle floats accessible ideal over the network, which can be found by utilizing the player HUD. You’ll likewise need to get a free novice angling pole as well.

Farm Frenzy

Farm Frenzy gives arrive proprietors the chance to procure linden by cultivating worms for use in the Fish Hunt. It requires investment to build up your Farming Experience, however in the end you’ll have the capacity to rule the cultivating business and pitch your deliver to the majority. Fortunes have been made in the cultivating business!

Noob Hunt

The Noob Hunt is an associate enrollment plot for the gaming system which enables players to wind up bosses and select students for the different diversions facilitated on the system. Consequently they win a level of every one of their students’ rewards. You can likewise pitch your disciples to different experts on the trade.


Bletaverse is an organization have various methods for earning linden, for example, holding up at movement cones and they likewise run an informal organization that players can get engaged with.
You can earn Linden by visiting other place. Click here to learn more


PaleoQuest is a huge amusement made by Linden Lab and its busy group of Moles. Spreading over six areas, it allows you to investigate the old tombs of Egypt, avoid the Loch Ness beast, look for privateer treasure, repair a harmed correspondence satellite, and get a DNA test from a resting Tyrannosaurus Rex in the Caves of Talpa. There are dangers and fortunes en route and prizes to win on the off chance that you survive.

Linden Realms

The Linden Realms were made by Linden Lab and are outlined with a wonderful situation that has trees, precipices, and heaps of fun spots to investigate. You can utilize a teleporter to visit diverse regions of the Linden Realms. Each place has diverse missions and different exercises that are fun and energizing to do. There are shake beasts that you should flee from and pools of lethal water to maintain a strategic distance from.

SL Mining Stimulation

You can work to earn Linden as a miner. Just join the group at SL Mining Headquarter, buy a pickaxe and start mining. There is a weekly mining event that give items and lindens to top players

4. Earn Linden Working a Job

You can work as a DJ, dancer, …. to earn money. Many people earn Linden this way. If you find a really good job, you can even earn enough to spend in second life. Virtual world – virtual job.

5. Content creator

If you have skills with design 3D object, you can try create model and sell it to the market place.

6. Affiliate(Reseller)

Yes, there is some seller who offer these. You help them sell the goods and they reward you with money.

That’s all. If you have any suggestion please leave a comment below. 

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