Top 15 Best Survival Games on PC (Part 2)

Top 15 Best Survival Games on PC (part 2)

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For those who love the survival game genre, this is definitely a list not to be missed.

8. Rust

A top choice for gamers who love the wild. You can go alone exploring the whole map, if lonely, make friends with other players but be careful not to be kicked in the head. The game will provide you with a huge arsenal of weapons, from simple items to huge bases. There is no shortage of wildlife around you, but surviving wildlife is trivial.

This is a survival game focused on PVP, even recently the game has dropped both the XP system and rank to protect justice in the game, so the enemy is your kind, not the wild animal that.

Rust survival gameRust survival game

Rust survival game

9. Minecraft

A great monument with undeniable appeal. There are many ways to enjoy Minecraft: play alone, creative mode, play with friends or strangers, play as an explorer or play custom mode on the server.

As far as a survival game is concerned, Minecraft is fully responsive to all that gamers need, a vast environment, built-in skills and built-in hard-to-find health systems. OK. Get into the world of cubes and then you will not get out.

mine craft survival game

Mine craft survival game

10. The Forest

There is only one description of this game, aboriginal and wildlife everywhere. You are a black pilot dog, dropped aircraft, lost in the forest. And just like the proverb, “a blessing in disguise,” your neighbors are a very hospitable lacer. They would definitely invite you to do … food.

Your task is to build the shelter from simple to complex, trapping animals and of course trapping Aboriginal people, dead wrong. Well you have to go explore the forest for food and water, but remember to stay alert.

the forest survival game

The forest survival game

11. Terraria

A game must use the word awesome. Always open, addictive and especially low-cost of to maintain life. You just enjoy the randomly generated world, gather resources, relax and craft a simple but satisfying system.

You will come to the tunnel through vast caves, fight monsters, make friends with NPCs, build yourself a palace, and play alone or with friends in co-op. Terraria has existed for many years, which proves its undisputed value to the challenge of time.

Terraria survival game

Terraria survival game

12. HurtWorld

Do not let the light graphics of the game fool you: Hurtworld is not a picnic. If you survive the first few hours after fighting the mutant AIs and other players, you will be asked to compensate land, build and repair the car manually, if you can find parts. 

There is a particular point in the game, which emphasizes the effects of weather, and not just on yourself, but also on items in the game – for example, your steak pack may freeze instead rotten when it’s cold enough.

hurt world survival game

Hurt world survival game

 And, for a game that promises to find a way to punish you, just a few minor pardons will make you feel grateful, such as allowing you to retain your weapon after death.

13. This War Of Mine

If you are a Warrior, that means dealing with conflicts by war, maybe this game will make you change. This is of course a survival war game, but not from the perspective of an elite soldier, in a game you are a civilian.

And your mission is simply to survive the chaos, This War Of Mine is a different kind of survival game and is full of despair. You will face difficult choices when managing the health of survivors, both physically and mentally, and sometimes some decisions are cruel but can not be different. Food and supplies in the game are always stressful and never enough. This is not just a survival game, it’s also a harsh and hard-hitting look at the reality of war.

this war of mine survival game

This war of mine survival game

14. Just Survive

It was a free game, but now you have to buy it. However, Just Survive is worthy of what you invest, similar to Dayz that was mentioned in part 1, but Just Survive is more accessible and friendly.

Your mission is to discover, find supplies, avoid or beat monsters, of course still have to make friends or attack other players. Just Survive allows more than one hundred players on the same server, which means you must always be in a fighting position or fled. Hold your weapons, tools and scales fairly, but remember to keep track of your character’s health, not to die for lack of prudence.

Just survive - survival game

Just survive – survival game

15. Unturned

You will not lose any coins to play Unturned. The game’s release date is 16 years old, and has since released more than 150 game updates since 2014. The game’s content is that you have to survive and fight the zombies. Although the image of Unturned is pretty rough, with square blocks, it contains powerful technical systems, skills and experience that can satisfy any gamer. Besides, the game also has a large community, full of open and friendly. Now you know why the game has been downloaded millions of times since its launch.

Unturned survival game

Unturned survival game

And here is the list of the 15 best survivors we want to give to you. If you do not want to spend the money for a vacation in the summer, try one of these fifteen titles, so you can enjoy both the excitement and the drama of your life. We wish you find the right game and have a meaningful summer.

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