Top 15 Best Survival Games on PC (Part 1)

Top 15 Best Survival Games on PC (part 1)

For those who love the survival games genre, this is definitely a list not to be missed.

The success of survival games is easy to understand because fighting for survival is the instinct within us and the task of the survival game is to wake it up. Be careful before entering the game, as you will surely be tempted to experience the challenges of the game.

The first thing, you want to live in what kind of environments? The game lists below will satisfy you, from normal environments such as woods, snow mountains to dreamlike backgrounds or science fiction films like the inland, or some distant planet. And do not forget the enemies are always watching to kill you from monsters, zombies, dinosaurs to the most dangerous enemies of all time: Other players in the game.

Here are the top 15 of the best survival games on the PC, which pushes players to their limits, presents difficult problems and challenges us to find solutions.

Let’s start with our discovery now.

1. FrostPunk

A world where snow and ice are dominating, and you’re the survivor, the commander of his own people, is against the harsh cold out there. Your city is built with a volcanic crater, you can not only care for yourself but also care about the people around. A wrong decision will lead to everything collapse. And do not worry, the game will not let you make any decisions easily, even harder and harder.

Extreme games are suitable for those who live in hot climate who crave for cold air and especially must have decisive leadership in order to complete the game.

frostpunk survival game

frostpunk survival game

2. Subnautica

Just a snow mountain, we’ll be down in the ocean. With bright graphics, Subnautica caused many gamers to be wary of putting their foot in the water and of course would be dangerous if considered wrong even once.

An underwater world awaits you, with Alien and monumental buildings. Do not let the gorgeous coral reefs, caves and blue seas make you forget about your main task of collecting resources, food and habitat, and a fleet of submarines to keep up with. Faced with the challenges ahead.

subnautica survival game

subnautica survival game

Many people often compare this game with Minecraft, but enjoy without worrying because the publisher Unknown Worlds has set a distinct mark for their survival game genre.

3. The LongDark

A game for lonely players, unfamiliar with building or computational tactics, welcome you to the long dark nights.

As mentioned above for lovers of solitude because the game is only you, whose plane crashed, stranded in an area of ice after a global disaster. You can rest assured there will be no zombies, monsters mutable or evil than the players play together. You are alone with nature, wildlife and your own weak nature.

the longdark survival game for lonely player

The longdark survival game for lonely player

4. Ark: Survival Evolved

Heaven for dinosaurs or reptilian fans.

Appearing almost naked on a large map filled with dinosaurs, you will face temperature extremes, hunger, dehydration, and special enemies: other player. The main points of the game are weapons and hand tools, building a farm, domesticating and riding dinosaurs to fight with other players. In particular, Primitive Plus will give you a free DLC of the Ark to add depth to the features of crafting and farming.

ark survival evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved

5. Survival ( The Division Expansion )

The expansion of the Division not only provides new content, but also adds a new way for gamers.

Stuck in a snowstorm, and each round, the gamer is infected with a disease. The task is quite simple, you just go to Darkzone to find the cause and how to cure. The game will offer you a handgun and some low-level equipment in the harsh cold. To increase the “simple” part of the game you will have to deal with some enemy gangs. The NPC is quite terrible and a few dozen other players are in the same situation as you.

The race to Darkzone is about to start.

Survival ( The Division Expansion ) survival game

Survival ( The Division Expansion ) survival game

6. Dayz

Welcome to the comrades and zombies. Game is not recommended for players who just toddler into the survival game. If you require a challenging game, and a great multiplayer mode, Dayz is the way to go.

What makes the game daunting newcomers is the complex nutrition and medical system, which is the only diet to restore energy . You have to become a scammer in a world that is decaying, you have to fight with other players, depending on the weapons and tools. It is important to remember that you are not allowed to die, if you die, you will begin again with the empty hands.

Dayz survival game

Dayz survival game

7. Miscreated

With some similarity as Dayz, but Miscreated will bring you to another aspect, more lonely, overcast.

You will be in the game with a flash light, you have to change clothes and equip yourself to face the chaotic world out there. Your mission is to explore the deserted towns, empty military bases. The game will replace the zombies with mutant monsters and of course, the most dangerous enemy you will ever face: the gamers are sitting behind another screen, waiting to see you out of the game.

Miscreated survival game

Miscreated survival game



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