Some funny stories #2

1. Can’t hear

Young teacher ask students:
– Who stole the school apples and also broke the branches?
– (Silent)
– He raised his voice impishly: Peter, do you know?
– Teacher, I sit at the end of the class so I did not hear what the teacher asked.
– You said something like that. Okay, I’ll be checking. Now try asking me something, can I hear you?
– Yes, please tell me, who kissed your sister under the old oak yesterday?
– Peter, you’re right. I did not hear anything.

2. English

Mr. Viet Nam met Mr. American.

Mr. Viet Nam (know few English): I’m sorry.

Mr. American also polite: I’m sorry too.

Mr. Viet Nam then answered quickly: I’m sorry three.

Mr. American confusedly responded: What are you sorry for?

Mr. Viet Nam immediately without thinking: I’m sorry five.

The bothered western man: Oh shit !!!

The Vietnamese shouts: Oh seven !!! =)) =))

cartoon conversation viet nam english

cartoon conversation viet nam english

3. Read

In a tiny galaxy there is an asteroid. In this asteroid has a smaller planet and in a smaller planet there is a small continent. In the small continent there is a subcontinent and in the subcontinent there is a small island. In the small island there is a smaller island. On the smaller island there is a small house. In the small house there is a small closet. In the small closet, there is a small compartment and there is a pretty box in the drawer. In the small box there is a small book. In the book also have a small text: “Someone just read this nonsense news!”

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