Some funny stories #1


A man riding bicycles on the road, on a freight carrying two large bags.
One of the holes was broken so the coin from there fell down the road.
Suddenly, a police car drove past him and stopped.
– Friend! How many coins have you fallen? – A policeman asked.
– Oh my god! – The man startled. – Back to pick up money along the way.
The policeman was skeptical:
– Where do you get so much money – five thousand coins? Stealing?
The man explained:
– No! My house is near the stadium, close to a pub, there is a large tree next to the wall. The support team after a match pulled together beer brews and then drunk and went to the tree to peed. I hid nearby, holding a big scissors and asking for a penny for each guy.
The police officer in the car chuckled:
– Good idea! What’s the other bag?
– Well, not everyone paid a fine!

police and the clever man

police and the clever man from freepik


After speaking about altruism, the priest asked his parishioners who would be willing to forgive the enemy. About half of them raised their hands. Not satisfied, he lectured for another 20 minutes and asked again the old question. 80% of the audience raised their hands. Still not satisfied, he lectured for another 15 minutes and repeated the question. Impatiently for Sunday’s great lunch, all the laymen raised their hands except for an old man.
– Mr. Jones, you are not willing to forgive the enemy?
– I have no enemies.
– It’s strange. How old are you?
– Eighty six.
– Mr. Jones, please come up here and let people know the secret to a person living to 86 without an enemy.
The old man stepped forward and slowly turned around:
– Easy. It’s just that I live longer than they are.



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